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Agile working:

Striking the balance between remote and office working

A complete guide for facility managers.

Everything we know about workspaces is changing. We’re in the middle of a behavioral revolution, and so far, the pandemic has acted as an accelerator. Do you think we’ll ever go back to the old normal? We think the answer is no.

From now on, we’ll not be physically present at work, all the time. Instead, we’ll have a balance between remote working, working from home, and working at the office. This new normal is pretty close to what we call agile or dynamic working.

Things that you will learn from the eBook

01 Agile Working

An introduction to agile working and why you should adopt it. Also, what will agile working look like in the future?

02 Flex Spaces

Flex desks, zones, and meeting rooms: how to manage chaos like it’s a walk in the park + best practice use cases.

03 Meeting Room Management

Learn how to boost the productivity of your employees and make the most out of your spaces. Extra: how to choose a workspace management software.

04 Visitor Management

How to manage and monitor external traffic seamlessly.

05 Occupany Rate & Floor Planning

Master, control, and manage the capacity of your office space(s). Start measuring in the most efficient way.

06 The Future of Agile Working

A dive into the importance of data, workspace tool stack, and research. Extra: 4 tips you should take into account for the future of agile working.