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Facility Tech

A facility manager's guide to facility technology.


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'Facility Tech' includes:

Technology never stands still. New programs and hardware are constantly being developed. And that’s great! Can you imagine managing your entire premises with a pen and a notebook? Technological advancements serve a purpose. But when each of these technologies markets itself as “The must-have solution for managing your facilities”; how do you look through the clutter to find what you really need?

In this eBook, we’re taking a step back to look at the technological essentials of a ‘smart building’ or ‘smart office’. You’ll undoubtedly have heard of some of these technologies, but we hope to offer some valuable insights and use cases that you might not have considered before.

PART 1: Building-related Technology

  • Building Information Modeling
    • Smart Lighting
    • HVAC
  • Building Management System

PART 2: Workspace-related Technology

  • The Internet of Things
    • Beacons
    • Meeting Room Displays
    • LoRa Network
  • Workspace Management Systems