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How to market your coworking space 🚀

And attract more members.

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Things that you will learn from this Mini-Guide

01 Finding your target audience

Before starting any marketing strategies, you should ask yourself who you want to reach. We'll guide you through the four classic coworking audiences.

02 Using the right values and USP's

What do you offer that is a unique strength of your business and is something that your target audience needs?

03 How your website plays a role

Your website is the business card of your company. What is the first impression you want to create?

04 Get listed and reviewed

Get more exposure, more credibility, and improve your SEO.

05 Events as a marketing tool

If you can make your target audience enter your space, half of the work is already done. We'll explain how to get started!

06 Leverage your social media

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, how to efficiently use these 3 giants.

07 Pay Per Click and Google

Pay Per What? Paying Google to be found. Let's dive into it!

08 Turn leads into members

So, you've collected a bunch of great leads? Nice! What's next?